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Chemistry Club celebrates National Chemistry Week

October 18, 2016

The Detroit Mercy Chemistry Club celebrates National Chemistry Week with daily events and a Goggle Face contest.

#MIGoogleFace #udmchemclub

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Each year, the American Chemistry Society encourages chemists and chemistry enthusiasts to build awareness of chemistry within their local chapter.  The goal is to promote the value of chemistry in everyday life.

This year’s theme is "Solving Mysteries Through Chemistry", focusing on the chemistry of forensics and more.

The Detroit Mercy Chemistry Club is holding the following events:

            Monday:  Chalk it Up!
            Tuesday:  Cupcake Day
            Wednesday:  Scavenger Hunt
            Thursday: Joke Day
            Friday:  Mole Day

In addition to the daily events, chemists are encouraged to post their safe practice “goggle face” face pictures using the hashtag #MIGoggleFace.  MIGoggleFace is a friendly competition between Michigan chemistry departments.

For more information about the Detroit Mercy Chemistry Club, please visit their Facebook page or follow them @UDMChemClub.

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